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Katerina Bakolias

Jamie Bradley

Morgan Melnyk

Henricus Gielis

Nick Perron

Directed by Andrew Chandler

Stage Managed by Olivia Rankin

Sound Design by Hannah Harper

Lighting Design by Matt Downey

Poster Design by Colleen MacIsaac

Photography by Ashley Marie Pike


May 18 - 22, 2016

At the TNS Living Room

2353 Agricola Street, Halifax NS

In Seminar, four young fiction writers sign up to work with an older, established mentor to teach them about their craft, and get way more than they bargained for. Brash, brutally "honest", and with questionable priorities and troubles of his own, this "worst teacher ever" rips the blinders off his young students and reveals the reality of their work, talent and loves, leaving the four young artists to cope with the "truth". 

“Hilarious, caustic, moving and inspirational, the play questions our relationship with teachers - what we want from them, what we expect from them, and how we react when we get neither” explains director Andrew Chandler. “As well, it forces us to confront the necessity of compromise in art and in life: how much can you comfortably 'sell out' - ethically, financially, and personally - to make a living?”


"Fun, funny,

slick and sexy"

"Hilarious, witty, and very smart"

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