As mourning and protests continue across Canada and the US, we stand in solidarity with protesters, demanding justice, institutional change, and reparations for a system that has disadvantaged, oppressed, and killed Black people for generations.

We, as an organization with predominantly white leadership, acknowledge that we have failed in the past to connect with communities of colour, and we must do better to reach these artists and audiences. We are committing to using this time to listen, to learn, and to work towards this goal, developing specific plans, and policies that support this aim. We intend to share this work, as we move towards action.

We affirm that we have benefited from a history of white supremacy, colonialism, and political and cultural dominance that has hurt all communities of colour. We accept the responsibility for our actions and those of our ancestors. We are resolved to do better, and are eager to do so. We further acknowledge that marginalized communities have no duty to do this work for us, or to trust this statement. The duty is on us to earn this trust, by doing the work.

We urge white people to embrace this opportunity to join this struggle, to seek out unheard voices, and to encourage us all to actively pursue justice and equity, in our work, our home, and in our community.

We must do better. We will do better. Black Lives Matter.