If you can’t trust your significant other to help you hide a body, can you even trust them at all?


’Til  Death  Do  Us  Part  is a farce about love, marriage, and how far those bonds can be pushed before they break. At a small town hotel, Kira and Ryan are two days from their wedding, when, through a series of unfortunate events, they wake up to a dead stranger in their bed.  With friends and family arriving by the minute, and Kira’s disapproving mother breathing down their necks, the couple must hide the body and get through dinners, rehearsals and family celebrations without being discovered.  As they struggle to keep their secret under wraps, cracks in their seemingly perfect relationship appear and multiply, leading to a race to the altar where they face that age-old question: “If you can’t hide a body together, why are you getting married in the first place?” 


Written by Katerina Bakolias


Abby Weisbrot   as  Kira
Sean Skerry   as  Ryan
Sharleen Kalayil  as   Heather
James MacLean  as  Peter
Cat McCluskey as   Mel
Samantha Wilson    Director
Katerina Bakolias    Playwright
Olivia Rankin    Stage manager
Ell Zagar    Scenic designer
Alex Esperanza    Costume designer
Olivia Rankin    Lighting designer
Alex Sinclair    Sound designer
Colleen MacIsaac    Producer
Rebecca Wolfe    Associate Producer / Movement Director
Patricia Vinluan    Technical Director



Don't miss the premiere of this darkly hilarious, home-grown Halifax farce!


*This show contains mature language and sexual content. Recommended for ages 13 and up

**Please do not feed the raccoons

Neptune Theatre

Scotiabank Stage

May 25-29 2022

Box Office: